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Sonali Mehta (2021)
Artist portfolio and e-commerce website


Rainbow League Clothing Brand  Platform Prototype

Rainbow League is a clothing brand with a mission to encourage conversations of mental health, by allowing people to translate their inner angst through fashionable and/or comforting DIY  clothing. The web platform serves as a catalogue and an intimate creative space for people to express and customize content for their garments. 

Below are mockups of clothing and campaign ads
for the service.

*Prototype made using
Adobe After Effects.
Visual elements designed
Adobe Illustrator and
Adobe Photoshop.

Glimmer (2020) 

This prototype illustrates
a concept to rebrand
and re-conceptualize the
user interface of a harm prevention hotline, accommodating for the
fragile headspace of the user. 

*Prototype made using Figma and Adobe After Effects. 

Concert Nostalgia (Archive, 2019) 

An archive system cataloguing all of
the different concerts 
I’ve been to, categorized through adjectives
associated with my experiences.

*Prototype made on Adobe XD.

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